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Services: Peels, Clinical Facials, Skin Brightening, Scar Treatments, Local and Long Distance Consultations

À La Carte Professional Skin Peels

Basic Exfoliating Chemical Peels

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peels – $50

Lactic Acid Chemical Peels – $50

Brightening, Anti-Aging & Specialty Peels

Lactic Acid Brightening Peel – $55

Arbutin Fruit Acid Brightening Peel – $55

Kojic Acid Azelaic Brightening Peel – $55

Pumpkin Enzyme Power Peel – $55

Papaya Turmeric Lactic Clarifying Peel – $55

Super Lightener Glycolic Acid Peel – $55

Resurfacing Cream Brightening Peel – $55

Acne & Problem Skin Peels

Mandelic Acid Pore-Refining Peel – $60

Pore “De-Clogging” Peel Cocktail – $60

Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Acid Peel – $60

Jessner Tune-Up Peel (active peeling) – $60 – additional coats $20 each up*

Consultations, Acne Facials & Clinical Facials

Consultation – $35 prepaid. Includes periodic follow-up visits while using our products as directed***

Long Distance Phone Consultation – $35 prepaid. Includes phone, email and text follow-ups, and ongoing skin care coaching services***

No-Frills Clinical Facial (No Acne) – enzyme peel + steam, minimal extractions**, masque – $75 up

Acne Facial (New, First-Time or Returning Client) – enzyme peel + steam, acne extractions**, acne masque – $95 up**

Acne Facial (Current Client) – enzyme peel + steam, acne extractions**, acne masque – $85 up**

Brightening Facial – brightzyme + steam, minimal extractions**, brightening masque – $85 up**

Extractions, Boosters, Add-ons & Serums

Simple Extractions – $20 up*

Extensive Extractions – $40 up*

Simple Ingrown Hair Release – $20 up*

Extensive Ingrown Release – $40 up**

Solo Extractions – $25 up**

Solo Extractions with Masque – Quoted**

Additional Jessner Peel Coats – $20 each up*

Jessner “Spot Peeling” – $25 up*

French Clay or Herbal Calming Masque – $10*

Licorice Witch Hazel Fade & Firm Masque – $10*

Custom Skin Brightening Masque – $10*

Moroccan Red Clay Masque – $10*

Custom Rose Clay Masque – $10*

Hungarian Mineral Mud Masque – $10*

Skin-Sculpting Pore-Tightening Masque – $10*

Retinol Skin Tone & Scar Correcting Serum – $10*

Luminate Pro Brightening Serum – $10*

Solo Brightening Masque + Booster – $55 to $75

Scar Reduction Treatment – $55 up

Body Treatments – Quoted

Chemical Peel Package: Series-of-Six for Prepaid Price of Five: Restrictions apply; please inquire.

*Add-on: Pricing with full peel treatment only.

**Prices depend on the amount to be extracted. Extractions are not guaranteed and may require multiple procedures. Clearing depends on lifestyle changes and specific acne home care products to soften follicular debris, clear pustules, reduce inflammation, and help dislodge deep impactions. For solo extractions without prep, you must a current client and be using active acne products.

***Must be using prescribed products consistently. Follow-up visits are required every 2 to 3 weeks for the first two months, then no less often than every 60 days. If product use or visits lapse, a consultation is required.

A deposit is required to schedule an appointment. To request your appointment, click here. Saturday walk-ins will be taken when humanly possible after 2:30 pm on a first-come, first serve basis, so please call before you come and expect a wait. No promises! No extensive extractions.

Gratuities not included. The recommended range is 15% to 20% of the total service price, but the tip amount is left up to your discretion.

WARNING: Due to a life-threatening shellfish allergy, do not eat or handle shrimp, prawns, crab, imitation crab, or lobster for a full 48 hours before your visit.

Policies: All services are subject to Company Policies and Peel Precautions, daily use of approved mineral sunscreen, and the terms and limitations of the package or service purchased.

For best results and safety, we don’t perform chemical peels on anyone not willing to comply with our sun protection protocols.

Important: Consent forms are required before each service. A $50 fee will be charged for missed or canceled appointments with less than a 24-hour notice on weekdays or a 48-hour notice on Saturdays. All appointments require a $50 non-refundable deposit and are subject to our Cancellation Policy and other company policies. No visitors or children in treatment rooms.

Discounts: Rewards vouchers, senior and professional discounts, Peel Deals, check-in offers, and other specials cannot be combined and are subject to restrictions and company policies. See our Cancellation Policy and Company Policies for more detailed information.

Chemical peels do not reduce ‘red’ spots (residual pools of inflammation) after acne has cleared. Peels can help reduce inflammation. loosen acne impactions,  and purge clogged pores. Stick to your home care regimen, use your sunscreen, and make acne lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation and prevent new acne from forming, which causes new red and brown spots. This will allow red blemishes to gradually fade away.

Services, prices, and procedures subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

For current Clinically Clear® clients seeking appointments for acne facials, skin peels, and/or extractions in Atlanta or North Carolina, leave a message here.

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